Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Emotional Intelligence (Ei) And Academic Engagement

Shweta Bandi , Dr. Sunil Mishra


Emotional intelligence is an important element of one’s personality and performance. It generate sincere inclination and level of engagement in any task. With this view, the current study is attempting to examine how much EI is relevant and important for ‘academic engagement (AE)’ for university students. A survey is conducted on 330 university students pursuing their professional degree with a structured questionnaire using renowned EI scale of ‘Daniel E Feldman (1999) with 20 items and EE scale of Schaufeli et al. (2006) with 17 items. For academic engagement Schaufeli’s ‘employee engagement’ scale is slightly modified for its best fit in the study. EI has significant impact on AE with positive correlation. Female students’ level of EI& AEis found higher than male students. Emotionally intelligent students show higher academic engagement thus better in performance.

Pages: 2108-2115

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Academic Engagement, Students, Universities.

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