Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Influence Of Artificial Intelligence In Teaching Learning Among The Graduate Students

Dr. Shareef M. Shareef & Dr. Vinnaras Nithyanantham


In the contemporary world, Technology has occupied a major part in the human generation with lots of expiates even though all the field become under this. While society has been defined that the personality traits of human psychology, but it leads with the creativity and intelligence. A very simple human behaviour is ascribed to intelligence and it cannot be characterized by just an unique trait, but it is the amalgamation of several diverse traits and capabilities. Education is the process of growth and development among the generation particularly the university graduates, they are the source of intellectual progress in the world. The current world is leading with science and technology in higher education, but the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is solving the challenges and the future of all. There are a few programs and a few specific tasks by computers can be performed with the level of human experts with AI. Based on the current and contemporary situation, where AI come to stand on online learning will depend on the future in education, maybe it will be a whole society of robots in teaching and learning.

Pages: 3257-3268

Keywords: Artificial intelligence (AI), Higher Education, Graduate Students, Digitalize Learning & Teaching.

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