Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Price Based Optimal Scheduling Of Thermal Units In Deregulated Power System Using Intelligent Algorithm

V. Kamalanathan and G. Mohan


Optimal power generation of thermal units is one of the salient problems in interconnected power system. Economical power production is key operations for minimizing the overall operating cost of the system. Under deregulated environment, optimal generation scheduling is changed in to self scheduling of Generation Companies (GENCOs) to maximize the owners profit and referred as Profit Based Unit Commitment (PBUC) Problem. This paper solves the PBUC problem to maximize the profit of GENCOs by proper scheduling of thermal generators A new nature-inspired human-based optimization algorithm of Corona Virus Herd Immunity Optimizer (CVHIO) is proposed to achieve the maximum profit of GENCOs. The inspiration of CVHIO is originated from the herd immunity concept as a way to tackle corona virus pandemic (COVID-19). The CVHIO is a very powerful optimization algorithm that can be used to tackle many optimization problems across a wide variety of optimization domains. Validity of the projected method tested on IEEE 39 bus system and simulation results are numerically reported. Comparative study is also done to prove the effectiveness of proposed CVHIO approach.

Pages: 2023-2043

Keywords: The introduction of deregulation and restructuring in Electric power system creates a competitive open market scenario to improve the performance and optimal operation of existing power systems [1].

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