Volume 4, No 4, 2007

Digital Health Information for the Consumer: Evidence and Policy Implications

Nicholas, David, Huntington, Paul, Jamali, Hamid & Williams, Peter


Wide and easy availability of health information for the general public is something that governments consider beneficial to the public as it improves the public health, helps largescale preventative medicine and eventually reduces the costs of health services for governments. Most counties have plans for providing the public with easy-reachable health information. Developed countries make use of new information and communication technologies such as the Internet, digital interactive televisions and touch screen kiosks for this purpose. However, using new channels and media for providing information services on sensitive issues such as public health is not free from challenge and every new service needs to be evaluated and monitored carefully for the best outcome. The book 'Digital Health Information for the Consumer: Evidence and Policy Implications' is based on a range of qualitative and quantitative evaluative research studies conducted on several health information services in the UK.

Pages: 1-3


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