Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Promise, Threats, And Personalization In Higher Education With Artificial Intelligence

Hayder Kareem Algabri , K. G. Kharade , R. K. Kamat


This paper investigates the emergence of artificial intelligence in education, including higher education and alternative learning environments. It researches the educational implications of emerging technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, on students' learning processes and how education institutions advance and evolve. The present state of the art in artificial intelligence (AI) is also discussed here and how this innovation might affect learning, teaching, and education. Scholarly work, research, and future-focused activities based on recent developments in AI are provided by it. This research paper emphasis on promises and threats of AI in higher education. Artificial intelligence's applications to education are continually increasing, although it has yet to be generalized. While AI presents incredible opportunities for supporting teaching and learning, the further development of applications has the following implications: It brings about many new problems and concerns over ethics. We have already allowed digital technologies to become an integral part of our life. Today, information is presented; differently, people interact in different ways, and behavior changes. In many ways, it has spread throughout society, including the education system. the primary goal of this article is to identify future changes in the study process caused by artificial technologies and predict their impact on the educational landscape.

Pages: 2129-2139

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Education, Higher Education, Technology Enhanced Learning.

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