Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Role Of Microfinance In Women Empowerment In Kamrup District Of Assam: A Study In Boko Development Block

Bikash Mazumdar , Niranjan Saikia


Since independence one of the major concerns for India is basically poverty alleviation. As rural population consists majority of India population it is important to take into consideration the rural areas for poverty alleviation programmes. As women consists of nearly half of India population so it is important to prepare framework for their upliftment as well. So uplifting the rural women can have positive and major impact in the overall economic development of a country. Women empowerment has many aspects but this paper tries to analyze the impact of microfinance in income and employment level of women beneficiaries of microfinance using statistical tools. Microfinance services have been successful in many parts of the world in alleviating poverty and empowering women. So this paper tries to analyze the impact of microfinance on women empowerment based on some indicators.

Pages: 2182-2189

Keywords: women empowerment, self-help group, microfinance, kamrup, indicators.

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