Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Study On Role Of Motivation And Performance On Academic Staff In Higher Education

Shaik Rahim Basha , Dr.R.Pardhasaradhi , Prof S.Teki


In the context of education, many factors impact on academic staff motivation: working conditions, reward and pay, chance of promotion, and so on. Within one organization, academic staff may demonstrate a diversity of personality. Some may show high performance by being given decent pay; others may be eager to get recognized by management, colleagues and society. The implementation of performance reviews has worked to create a competitive atmosphere among staff. On the other hand, motivators are intrinsic to the job itself. They are closely linked to job content such as desire for achievement, sense of responsibility, performance recognition, job potential, job significance and personal growth. These two distinct factors have different effects on people’s motivation at work. The benefits of research help produce wealth and public support that is needed for sustainable development. As a result, most developing countries, including India, have invested huge amounts of money in the development of research in universities.

Pages: 2190-2198

Keywords: Motivation and performance, higher education, academic staff

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