Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Blockchain Based Device Authentication For The Internet Of Things

D. Janet Ramya , Dr. L. Arockiam


The technologies such as Internet of Things have contributed rapidly to transform the environment in a smarter way. Each thing connected in this environment has its own identity which is standardised yet vulnerable in many ways. Blockchain- the decentralised, distributed, immutable ledger technology is an alternative solution to visualise the connected network in a more secured way. By combining these two technologies, the identities of each device are made rigid and tamper proof. In this paper, the advantages of anonymity of blockchain technology is inculcated to the “things” through identity based encryption algorithm and smart contracts. The proposed work integrates key management and makes it unalterable and Smart contracts automate the membership of devices in a network thus ensuring secure identities to devices.

Pages: 2199-2209

Keywords: Blockchain, Ethereum Smart contracts, Internet of Things, Key management.

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