Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Presidential Term Limits In The U.S.A Constitution: An Analogous Incorporation Imperitive For Pakistan

Dr. Usman Quddus , Miss. Sajida Faraz , Miss. Kainat Bibi , Muhammad Arif Khan


True democracy is not conceivable until its’ effect starts from top echelons in the government and this mandates limiting the terms for Chief Executive as is the case in U.S.A. The research in hand proposes term limits for prime minister in Pakistan following the American experience. The analysis adopts a doctrinal approach while critically analyzing the issues relating to democracy in Pakistan. The findings recommend term limits along-with reduction in tenure of prime minister from five years to four year in Pakistan. The research is confined to proposing a solution only for Pakistan in light of U.S 22nd amendment and does not consider models of other democracies with similar term limits due to their embryonic nature. Such a study precisely in the context of Islamic Republic of Pakistan hasn’t been undertaken before.

Pages: 2239-2246

Keywords: democracy, Pakistan, 22nd amendment U.S.A, dictatorship, prime- minister.

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