Volume 4, No 4, 2007

Information and Emotion: The Emergent Affective Paradigm in Information Behavior Research and Theory.

Nahl, Diane & Bilal, Dania


Information behaviour is one of the most researched areas in library and information sciences and yet there are areas that have not received enough attention. This is because of the complexity of human behaviour, broadness of the area of information behaviour and constant changes in the information services and the way we make use of information for different aspects of our lives. We have witnessed the development of different paradigms, theories and models in information behaviour research over the last half-century of serious research in this area. As the time passes we can see the different aspects in the field of information behaviour research become granulated and form the focus of new research domains. One of these less researched areas is the role of emotion in our information behaviour. The new edited book Information and Emotion plays an important role in establishing the affective and emotional dimensions in human information behaviour as a developing research area.

Pages: 1-3


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