Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Two-Stage Detector For First-Order Sea Clutter In Hf Surface Wave Radar

Ha Huy Dung , Ph.D. Le Duy Hieu , Ph.D.Bui Ng?c My , Cao Viet Linh


The detection capabilities in vertical polarized, High-frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR) are limited by the clutter spikes in first-order sea clutter. The energy, position, and Doppler frequency of first-order sea clutter depend on the sea states, which are non-homogeneous because of that, using a fixed expression to eliminate sea clutter gives limited results. In this paper, the authors proposed a new adaptive method using a two-stage detector based on the Order Statistic Constant False Alarm Rate (OS-CFAR) principle. The approach shows the capability to eliminate heterogeneous and detect targets in the vicinities of sea clutter in the Range Doppler map.

Pages: 3309-3320

Keywords: high frequency, surface wave radar, noise, sea clutter, adaptive CFAR.

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