Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Efficient Speech Scrambling Using Ant Mating Optimization

N.Malathy , R.Tamilroja , A.S.Nisha and , T.Anuja


Ensuring security in any communication network through which vital data is exchanged is a critical concern. The usage of voice scrambling technologies is among the reasonable alternatives for maintaining safety for speech. When utilized to strengthen the hybrid of more than one approach, the chaotic system used in security has qualities that make it a better option for scrambling voice signals, and the optimization technique can deliver flawless performance. In this article, we introduce a methodology that employs Ant Mating optimization (AMO) as an optimization approach. The assessment metrics show that the optimization method's result surpasses the other methods in the comparison, such as chaotic maps and hybrid chaotic maps.

Pages: 3427-3439

Keywords: AMO, Security, Speech Scrambling.

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