Volume 13, No 1, 2016

High school students' perspective on the features of consumer health information websites

Vahideh Zarea, V. Vishwa Mohan, Masoumeh Sattari and Rafat Aliparasti


The main aim of study was to identify the primary source of health information seeking among high school students and the characteristics of quality consumer health information from their perspective. A cross sectional descriptive survey was used to conduct the study utilizing a valid questionnaire. The first source of health information seeking for most of the high school student 2 http://www.webology.org/2016/v13n1/a147.pdf (79%) was the Internet rather than books, journals or family members. Majority of boys (87%) go to the Internet for pathology and definition of diseases, but the girls (82%) usually search for life style, exercise, nutrition, mental health, maturity and then general health information such as physiology, anatomy, and calculations. All of the student recognize content accuracy, and believe that involvements of information specialists in management of websites may guarantee the quality criteria of website. It is concluded that development of a quality consumer health information website is essential to meet the health information needs of students and promotion of health literacy among high school students and adolescents in Iran.

Pages: 1-14

Keywords: Health literacy; Health promotion; Health information systems; Health information management; Intermediate School students

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