Volume 17, No. 3, 2020

Analyse The Different Routing Algorithms For Energy Efficiency In Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review

Anil Kumar , Dr. Ankit Kumar , Ritu Yadav


In Wireless Sensor Networks, energy efficiency is the most difficult problem to solve (WSN). Many research has been conducted in recent years on these topics because to the rising needs of diverse applications and the limitations of WSN nodes in terms of energy, memory, and processing capacity. Proposals for new protocols have been put out by researchers such as LEACH and PEGASIS. As a vital part of today's communication infrastructure, wireless sensor networks (or WSNs) are becoming more popular in business and academics alike. A major problem in extending the lifespan of WSNs is the consumption of node energy, which has been a major focus of research into WSN architecture. Charge or replacement of used batteries may be prohibitively expensive or perhaps impossible due to the harsh conditions. It is hoped that this paper will shed light on various ways to reduce energy usage, enhance network performance and extend network life.

Pages: 15-27

Keywords: Energy efficiency, Wireless Sensor Network, Routing Algorithms, LEACH, PEGASIS, HEED

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