Volume 17, No. 3, 2020

A Comparison To Estimate The Parameters Of The Logistic Regression Model By The Maximum Likelihood Estimation And The Firefly Algorithm"A Field Study About Projections In Pregnant Women"

Waleed Ahmed Hassen


Frequent miscarriages in pregnant women are considered one of the reasons for losing fetuses in the first trimester of pregnancy and at the end of pregnancy. Many studies have tried to find the real reasons associated with this case and to find the real reason behind it. The researchers wanted to study the case to find out one of the real reasons. A sample (size 110) was taken from pregnant women as follows They went for the purpose of examination to medical laboratories, and the following was done by the vitamin D deficiency test. The estimate was done in two ways: the classical method, the greatest possibility, and the second method, the Gravity Search Algorithm (GSA).

Pages: 71-77

Keywords: Recent studies in the health field that emphasize prevention is better than treatment have begun to search for the causes that lead to diseases.

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