Volume 17, No. 3, 2020

Governance And Security Question In Nigeria 1999-2020

O. C. Eze , B. E. Nwamuo , M. J. Eteng , U. U. Mmaju , L. I. Ugbudian , E. C. Alaku , F. M. Nwankwo , F. N. Onyekere , U. S. Osisioma , C. C. Nwaoha & H. C. Nwaigwe


Leadership dysfunctionality in Nigeria since the return to democracy in 1999 has popped up several questions as to whether democracy is a blessing or a curse in the country. The dominant style of governance in Nigeria devoid of accountability, transparency and responsiveness has undoubtedly created some intense security challenges for the country further exposing some internal contradictions inherent in the system of government. This paper analyzes the nexus between the prevailing (in) security and the character of governance in Nigeria since the return to democratic rule. The study finds that the politics of exclusion, marginalization, unemployment, corrupt practices coupled with leadership inertia have direct links with the emergence of gross insecurity in all parts of the country. The analysis is based on the frustration aggression theory.

Pages: 115-128

Keywords: Ammunition, Arms, Nigeria, Security, Violence

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