Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Effect Of Cognitive Apprenticeship Model Of Teaching On Enhansing Life Skills Among Secondary School Students

Baiju P Raju , Dr. N.L.N. Jayanthi , Dr. Varghese K Cherian


Cognitive Apprenticeship Model (CAM) of teaching is a teaching method having Six steps of mastering the Life Skills in content area of study. Education is life and life is education. Life skills development is the aim of education. In order to achieve this end of education it should be imparted through the best suited method of teaching. Thus in the present scenario, the investigator intends to study CAM of teaching on enhancing Life skills education. For the present study the investigator adopted quasi experimental method and selected two intact classrooms consists of 34 students in Experimental group and 34 students in Control group. Mean, Standard deviation, t test, ANOVA and Analysis of co-variance (ANCOVA) were the statistical techniques used for the study. The study revealed that CAM of teaching enhances Life Skills among adolescence.

Pages: 5955-5961

Keywords: Life Skills, Cognitive Apprenticeship Mode (CAM).

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