Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Teaching Practices: A Case Study Of Communicative Language Teaching In Institute Of Lahore, Pakistan

Sidra Haroon , Shumaila Ahmad


The undertaken study is an extended effort to explore the efficacy of communicative language teaching in accordance with English language teaching and learning. The broadened scope of the study to investigate not only the factors which hinder the effectiveness of this pedagogy but also encompass the methods to overcome this problem. Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is the most dominant method of language teaching in many countries of the world. It is considered as a revolutionary method for teaching English as a second language (Farhad, 2013). CLT has been adopted in many EFL countries but it has been observed by many researchers that implementing CLT in EFL countries has faced many problems.Types of problems are varying to different countries. It includes educational system and government resources. The perception of ESL teachers, who adopt CLT, can be varied and it plays majorrole in teaching of English language in private language institutes of Pakistan. Therefore, the target is to investigate barriers in applying CLT in Language centers of Lahoreand teachersí perceptions about the theory and practice of CLT at private English language institutes of Lahore. This is a mixed study of private English language institutes. The data collection tools for this study are interviews, observations and questionnaire. The qualitative datais analyzed through thematic analysis and quantitative data is analyzed using statistical analysis. The findings reveals that the contextual factors such as Teacherís dominant role in class, focus on rules of Grammar, Lack of knowledge of communicative activities, Subordinate role of learners and effects of other traditionalapproaches, i.e., overuse of traditional methods and large classes are observed in clash with the nature of CTL. This study helps ESL teachers, private institutes, management and policy makers in knowing the resistance and working on it.

Pages: 5962-5983

Keywords: Communicative Language Teaching, ESL, Private Language Teaching Institutes, GTM.

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