Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Understanding Ethical Failure Factors In Humanitarian Logistics

Muhammad Khan , Afifa Anjum Khattak , Dr. Mehboob Ur Rashid , Dr. Arif Hussain , Qazi Waseem Jan , Zia Ur Rahman , Abbas Ali


This study aims to discover ethical failure factors in humanitarian coordination (HL) and their relationship. Using interpretive structural modeling (ISM) and cross-impact matrix multiplication classification (MICMAC) to create a hierarchy model. This study identified elements that can be considered as barriers to ethical practice in HL and used the ISM technique to determine variables with perfect control, low reliance, and strategic significance. The hierarchy of variables is a valuable tool for all stakeholders of catastrophe, specifically for governments, funders, and humanitarian organizations (HOs) to focus on the identified components to overcome the inhibitors to ethics in HL process as they seek methods for fast, fair, and safe HL. This work extends a hierarchy-based model of inhibitors to HL ethical practice using ISM which has not been never before studied.

Pages: 6006-6021

Keywords: Ethics, Humanitarian Logistics (HL), Disaster Relief Operations (DRO), Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM)

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