Volume 19, No. 5, 2022

Solidarity Organizations: Mediation Instruments And Business Development For The Construction Of Peace In The Montes De María

Santander De La Ossa Guerra , Jorge Buelvas Soto , Kebin González Martinez


From the theoretical conception of development plans with a territorial approach, as a strategy for the peace agreements implementation, the solidarity organization is conceived as a mediation instrument for the construction of stable and lasting peace, through business development, in the dominance of the peasant and family economy. This work's purpose was to analyze solidarity organizations' two successful experiences in the municipalities of Ovejas and Chalán. The research was developed within the qualitative approach framework, with a cross-sectional case study design. The open interview was used as an instrument for collecting information. Finally, it was possible to determine what was the negotiators of the peace process success, to think of the solidarity organizations as measuring instruments for the peace construction; the analyzed cooperatives advances show a business development that can be framed in the local economic development approach; Likewise, these cooperatives offer the ideal scenario to develop reincorporation processes.

Pages: 70-86

Keywords: Solidarity organizations, mediations, business development, peace agreements, Montes de María

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