Volume 19, No. 5, 2022

Reliability Assessment In Microgrids: Comparison Of Modeling Methods

Jose L. Lopez Prado , Alejandro S. Guerrero Hernández and Javier E. Sierra


Modern society faces an unsustainable energy system. Therefore, innovative solutions have emerged to modernize distribution systems in recent years. The concept of Microgrids is vital within these solutions since the implementation of these would improve the quality of supply, efficiency, and reliability and provide cleaner energy at lower costs. Despite its advantages, researchers in Microgrids currently face significant challenges. An example of this is the evaluation of the reliability of distribution systems with Microgrids applications, which corresponds to one of the most critical and complex challenges encountered. This paper studies a collection of methods reported in the literature for modeling stochastic systems. Advantages and disadvantages are reported there. This presents a selection of the method that could best adapt in the case of Microgrids. Finally, the selected method is implemented in a case study.

Pages: 87-99

Keywords: Distributed Generation, Markov, Microgrids, Monte Carlo Simulation

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