Volume 19, No. 5, 2022

Behavior Of Stabilized Soil With Cellulose Ash And Hydrated Lime

Jair Arrieta , Ronaldo Luis dos Santos Izzo and Carlos Millan


The simple compressive strength and the tensile strength by diametral compression were systematically investigated to analyze the performance of a silty soil from the metropolitan region of Curitiba (Brazil) stabilized with ash from the paper production industry and with hydrated dolomitic lime, using cure of 14, 28 and 90 days. A series of compaction tests at normal Proctor energy were performed to calculate the optimal compaction parameters of soil-ash-lime mixtures: maximum dry specific weight (?d-max) and optimal moisture content (?o). Four cellulose ash contents were added and used (5%, 10%, 15% and 20% in relation to the dry mass of the soil) and a fixed lime content (L) of 5% based on the initial consumption of modified lime and established from the interpretation of pH measurements performed on various soil-ash-lime mixtures. The results demonstrate that there is an increase in the optimal moisture content and a decrease in the maximum dry specific weight of the compaction curves with increasing cellulose ash content. On the other hand, the tests of simple compression and tension by diametral compression reveal that there is an increase in the values of mechanical strength of the mixtures up to an ash content of 15%. Finally, dosage equations that allow estimating the strength values of mixtures were developed based on a semi-empirical model taking into account the specific mass and volume of the materials in addition to the compaction energy.

Pages: 100-113

Keywords: Soil-gray-lime, simple compression, tension by diametral compression, porosity/lime index, cellulose ash.

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