Volume 19, No. 5, 2022

Tele-Task As A Leisure-Technological Strategy For Strengthening Communicative Skills

Katherine S. Benítez Díaz , Betty C. Valderrama Urzola , Jhon J. Feria Díaz


This article is the synthesis of the pedagogical research-action: “The tele-task as a ludictechnological strategy for the strengthening of communication skills, developed in the transition degree of the Higher Normal Educational Institution of Sincelejo. With the aim of strengthening the level of communication skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) of the students of the Transition degree of the Higher Normal Education Institution of Sincelejo, from the implementation of tele-tasks as a ludic-technological strategy in the classroom; When applying the diagnostic test, 60% of the students were found to be at the level exceeded in the ability to listen, 31% in the ability to speak, 29% in the ability to read and 35% in the ability to write , which was compared with the final test. The foregoing led to the design of this pedagogical intervention "Tele-homework as a Technological ludic strategy", through which the students' communication skills were strengthened at a high level. As a conclusion, it was possible to establish that with the tele-tasks the students learned by acting, as protagonists of their own learning, the families were involved using ICTs, videos recorded at home with cell phones, as evidence of learning, sent to the WhatsApp group and uploads to the interactive blog "Count on me".

Pages: 253-266

Keywords: Tele-tasks, ludic-technological strategy, communication skills, pedagogical intervention, technology, interactive blog.

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