Volume 19, No. 5, 2022

Analyzing The Level Of Satisfaction The Tourist Attained From Ecotourism In India

Shreyashi Kundu , Dr. Niraj Kumar , Dr. Manik Arora , Saurabh Singh , Z.Sunitha Bai , Dr. R.Sethumadhavan


Finding out how satisfied eco-travelers are with their experiences was the goal of the study. This study also seeks to ascertain whether or not there is a relationship between satisfaction levels with ecotourism in India and future travel plans. The investigation's goal led to the choice of the descriptive research design. The information was gathered from 450 participants who were spread out throughout the parks that make up India's Eco-Tourism initiative using the convenience sample approach. The study's conclusions show that the vast majority of respondents were local tourists. Additionally, the majority of these responders were male and between the ages of 36 and 45. The effectiveness of the local food, the accessibility of tour services, the readiness of retail facilities, and the perception of personal safety were shown to be among the most significant experiences that an ecotourist enjoys. Additionally, it can be inferred from the mean score value of 4.2580 for overall contentment and 4.2517 for re-visiting attitude that the visitor is "Satisfied" and "Agrees" that they will return to the area in the future. It is also feasible to understand the positive relationships between an experience with ecotourism in India, a sense of contentment, and a desire to go again.

Pages: 278-286

Keywords: Eco-Tourism in India, Satisfaction, Attitude, Local Tourists.

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