Volume 19, No. 5, 2022

A Pyarabic Python Library To Create Arabic Applications

kawakib Mahmood Hussien , Nadia Mahmood Hussien , Yasmin Makki Mohialden


The Python programming language offers a smart package called PyArabic, which is a set of tools that help with the Arabic language. It sorts letters into groups, sorts text into sentences or words, deletes animations, separates and combines movements in texts, reduces changes, measures symmetry between two words, profiles characters, and pulls numerical sentences from syntax. raw text for numeric expressions and reversed Arabic script for systems that don't support character grids. This paper describes what this package can do and how it can be used in many systems. In this research paper, we talk about the most important things that can be done with this library right now.

Pages: 287-291

Keywords: Python, PyArabic, Python-based smart apps, Arabic language programming.

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