Volume 17, No. 3, 2020

Indian Thoughts In Context Of Knowledge

Dr. Atulkumar Bhikhabhai Unagar


The literature of any country is the mirror of that country. From the past to the present is introduced through literature. India has always been the Vishwa Guru because India has been the land of worship of knowledge. The Maharishis of the land of Bharat have always created knowledge. Bharat Bhoomi is the tapobhoomi of spiritual practice. Here the glory of learning has always been unparalleled. Knowledge is information (Mahithi) and quality, which we acquire through showing, reciting, or teaching (education). Knowledge is an art. The description of 18 different learning is found in Vishnu Purana.

Pages: 139-145

Keywords: Knowledge is the distinctive form of a person and is the secret wealth.

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