Volume 17, No. 3, 2020

Maize Crop Disease Dataset

Subodh Bansal , Aditi Bansal


Maize is a very important multipurpose crop and is grown most widely across the globe. It is affected by multiple diseases which reduce its yield. A disease detection early warning system may prove quite helpful for increasing its yield. Numerous researchers have tried to develop it but success was seldom mainly due to lack of annotated datasets. Some preexisting datasets are discussed in the paper but all of them suffers from severe limitations. Therefore a new dataset of Maize crop leaf images is presented in this paper viz Maize Crop Disease Dataset (MCDD). It consists of six different classes of maize crop images: healthy leaves, pest attacked leaves, leaves infected by bacterial stalk rot, northern leaf blight, maydis leaf blight, and downy mildew. It contains 350 images of each class and 2175 images in total.

Pages: 146-154

Keywords: maize, dataset, disease detection.

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