Volume 19, No. 6, 2022

Review Of FKP Biometric Systems

Hassan Kassim Albahadily , Rawsam Abduladheem Hasan , Nadia Mahmood Hussien , Yasmin Makki Mohialden


The use of biometrics enables the inspection and evaluation of several aspects of a person's personality. The prefix "bio" and the suffix "metric" each contain connotations that are related to the ideas of life and measurement, respectively. A number of different computational algorithms could be used to ascertain a person's level of authorization. Evaluating these methods can be done using either a single biometric characteristic or numerous individual biometric features taken together. Both of these options are available. It has been discovered that the finger knuckle print, also known as the FKP, is a practicable biometric feature that can be utilized to this day in order to obtain a sufficient level of security and accuracy. This study aims to provide an overview of the FKP recognition-based systems that are capable of providing accurate, secure, and trustworthy authentication of a person. This review will attempt to discover the methodology, principles, data sets, algorithm filters, and other characteristics used in the development of FKP recognition systems.

Pages: 911-916

Keywords: Biometrics, security, Personal identification, Finger Knuckle Print (FKP).

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