Volume 17, No. 3, 2020

Issues And Challenges Of Sanitation Workers -An Intersectional Analysis

Dr. S Suba & Sheethal T S


Sanitation workers, compared to workers in other sectors, face greater vulnerability and challenging conditions in India. Despite being a crucial part of the workforce, they continue to experience social discrimination and stigma. Improving the conditions of sanitation workers in India is crucial. Many of these workers, especially those in the informal sector, lack access to well-paying jobs and essential benefits. They are often marginalized and excluded from basic healthcare, education services, government programs, social security measures, and alternative employment opportunities. This paper aims to address the issues and challenges faced by sanitation workers in Maranthkothala Road, Nagapattinam District of TamilNadu. The researcher employed a qualitative approach, conducting interviews with 25 sanitation workers at their workplaces and homes. Additionally, a Focus Group Discussion was conducted to explore the socio-cultural, psychological, and behavioral challenges faced by these workers, with a specific focus on gender perspectives. The study utilized an exploratory research design to gain insights into the experiences of sanitation workers in the region.

Pages: 199-211

Keywords: Sanitation workers, discrimination, caste.

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