Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

The Importance Of Ict Tools In Academic Librar

Narmada Bhat


According to the study, the development of ICT is one of the wonderful gifts of contemporary science and technology that has profoundly altered the background of library and information science. Information and library applications of ICT go hand in hand. It has transformed the traditional conception of libraries from a place to store books into a hub for intellectual information. It has prompted global access to data that transcends geological boundaries and opened up a new chapter in library correspondence. Libraries are adopting a crucial role in promoting access to global data and information resources through ICT. The survey also discovered that while information technology has had some good improvements and effects, there are also some troubling patterns.

Pages: 9329-9338

Keywords: Academic libraries are created to facilitate teaching, learning, research, and the growth of a culture of knowledge sharing and transfer to achieve the goals and missions of their parent institutions.

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