Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Data Analytics And Visualization For Cricket Bat Performance Assessment And Improvement

Prerana Deshmukh , Dr. Sanjay Kumar


Cricket, a sport steeped in tradition, is undergoing a profound transformation through the integration of data analytics and visualization for the assessment and enhancement of bat performance. This paper presents a comprehensive review of the methodologies and technologies employed in the burgeoning field of cricket bat performance analysis. The significance of this research lies in its potential to revolutionize coaching strategies, refine player techniques, and elevate overall performance standards.The study begins by underlining the pivotal role of data analytics and visualization in cricket, emphasizing their ability to unravel intricate patterns, uncover hidden insights, and inform strategic decision-making. High-speed cameras, wearable sensors, smart cricket bats, and ball tracking systems emerge as crucial tools, each offering a unique lens into the biomechanics and dynamics of cricket bat performance.A detailed literature review showcases a diverse range of studies, including works by Patel et al., Garcia and Wong, Mills et al., and others. These studies explore advanced bat performance metrics, the impact of player stance on shot effectiveness, big data analytics for cricket strategy, and data-driven approaches to understanding batting techniques. The synthesis of findings from these studies contributes to a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted aspects of cricket bat performance.The research delves into the statistical methods employed for data analysis, ranging from descriptive statistics to machine learning algorithms. The versatility of these methods is highlighted as they are applied to understand relationships between variables, model performance predictors, and make predictions based on historical data.The paper concludes by emphasizing the dynamic nature of the field and the potential for future innovations. It acknowledges challenges such as calibration issues, interpretability concerns, and the need for substantial datasets but underscores the transformative impact that continuous advancements can have on cricket as a data-driven sport.In essence, this research positions cricket at the forefront of the data-driven revolution in sports performance assessment, offering a roadmap for future exploration and innovation in the realm of cricket bat performance analysis.

Pages: 9355-9373

Keywords: Cricket, Bat Performance, Data Analytics, Visualization, Sports Technology, Biomechanics, High-speed Cameras, Wearable Sensors, Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, Player Performance, Coaching Strategies, Shot Effectiveness, Ball Tracking Systems, Sma

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