Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Assessing The Role Of Urban Design In Promoting Sustainable Development

Yadav Satish Arjunrao , Dr. Eknath Pandurang Alhat


The adoption of an all-encompassing strategy for environmentally responsible city planning and development has been a major paradigm shift in the field. As the world's population concentrates more and more in cities, these areas are more threatened by pollution, inequality, and poverty. An integrated approach to sustainable urban design provides a game-changing way ahead in a society defined by rising urbanization and escalating environmental concerns. This piece aims to provide a thorough approach to promoting eco-friendly city development. It determined that the integration and application of sustainability concepts to urban design's procedural, substantive, institutional, policy, and methodological dimensions are necessary for achieving sustainable urban design.

Pages: 9388-9396

Keywords: Urban Design, Sustainable, Environmental, Economic, Social.

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