Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Perceived Level Of Customer Satisfaction With Hero Bikes: A Study On Rural People In M.P. Region

Dr Saiful Haque , Professor Murad Ali and Dr C.P.Gujar


As we know automobile industry is assumed as sunrise sector as it is one of the best transportation facilities. Innovations and commercialization of automobile industry, specifically two wheeler segments have shown a charismatic change in the industry. The demand of two-wheeler has been increased rapidly in both rural and urban areas as it is the comfortable and easiest mode of transportation and people get an edge with this technology. This specific study has been done to evaluate the customer satisfaction level of the rural people in Madhya Pradesh region. Total 540 respondents have been participated in the study who gave their response through structured questionnaire constructed by the researcher. Convenience sampling method was employed for the collection of primary data. Appropriate statistical tools were applied such as percentage analysis for demographical representation and the reliability of collected data has been checked through coefficient of Cronbach’s Alpha (0.749) and internal consistency of the items has been found homogenous. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) was done to set the scale or criterion for measurement of satisfaction level. Mean score was calculated to access the satisfaction level of customers. The study reveals that there is significance difference between the satisfaction levels of different demographic profiles. However, brand image of Hero bikes differentiate itself in the industry that embraces high market shares.

Pages: 9409-9422

Keywords: Cultural transformation among the people of different countries is the impact of globalization which intensified it and people across the world could become closer which resulted into changing lifestyle.

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