Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Exploring Diverse Residential Patterns: Representative Neighborhoods In Case-Study Cities

Syed Azam Moinuddin , Dr. Eknath Pandurang Alhat


This research paper delves into the intricate fabric of residential patterns within urban landscapes, focusing on representative neighborhoods in selected case-study cities. As urbanization accelerates globally, understanding the diversity of residential structures becomes pivotal for sustainable urban planning, social cohesion, and economic development. The study employs a multidisciplinary approach, integrating urban sociology, geography, and architecture to analyze and categorize representative neighborhoods within distinct case-study cities. By exploring the socio-spatial dynamics of these neighborhoods, the paper aims to contribute valuable insights into the complexities of urban residential patterns and their implications for contemporary urban development.

Pages: 9436-9440

Keywords: Urban Residential, Neighborhood, Cities, Socioeconomic, Dynamics.

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