Volume 1, No 2, 2004

Personal Home Pages as an Information Resource

Shant Narsesian


Nowadays, for many people, the World Wide Web (WWW) is the first place to go to look something up, to find that bit of information. However, even though people have their favourite sites, and their favourite search engines, they often seem to miss that bit of information. This could very well be because it is hiding on a small, unpopular, enthusiast's Personal Home Page. The author believes that there is more information on the Web than that which one will find on the major, "commercialstyle" sites. Hence, this paper looks at the possibility of using Personal Home Pages (PHP) as an information resource, not only for the academic, but the web-surfing world in general.

Pages: 1-10

Keywords: Personal Home Pages, Personal Web-pages, Online resources, Web resources

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