Volume 1, No 2, 2004

Shifts in Search Engine Development: A Review of Past, Present and Future Trends in Research on Search Engines

Saeid Asadi and Hamid R. Jamali


The World Wide Web has developed fast and many people use search engines to capture information from the Web. This article reviews past, present and future of search engines. Papers published in four major Web and information management conferences were surveyed to track research interests in the last five years. Web search and information retrieval topics such as ranking, filtering and query formulation are still hot topics among researchers. The most important shifts and issues of the future of search engines are mentioned too. Search engine companies are trying to capture the Deep Web and extract structured data to offer high quality results. Using Web page structure, shared search engines, expert recommendations and different mobile search facilities seem to be features of the next generation of search engines.

Pages: 1-10

Keywords: World Wide Web, Web searching, Information retrieval, Search engines, Personalization, Localized search, Federated search, Deep Web, Web page structure analysis, Structured data

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