Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Indian Literature Output On Forestry – A Scientometric Study

Arun, K. , D. Piriyadharsini , Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan

Pages: 4850-4858

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Attention Mechanism In Segmentation And Classification Of Optical Coherence Tomography Images

M.Nagoor Meeral , Dr. S.Shajun Nisha , Dr. M.Mohamed Sathik

Pages: 4859-4873

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Conversion Of 2D Medical Images Into Virtual Reality Model - Survey

J.Aashikathulzuberiya , Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik , Dr. S. Shajun Nisha

Pages: 4874-4883

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Diasporic Identities: A Study of Zulfikar Ghose and Moniza Alvi’s Poetry

Sameen Tahir , Dr. Rab Nawaz Khan , Dr. Mahrukh Shakir , Sadia Sharif

Pages: 4884-4891

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A Novel Approach For Classification Of Milk Adulteration Using (DL20) Dairy Logistics Classification Algorithm

K.Radhika , Dr. A.Shaik Abdul Khadir

Pages: 4892-4902

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Influence Of Work-Life Programs On Employee Engagement In Select It Companies

Sreya. B , Dr. Lakshmana Rao Ayyagari

Pages: 4903-4919

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Faster Access Of Credit Cards Through Data Cube Technology

Banshidhar Choudhary , Prof. Vipin Saxena

Pages: 4920-4933

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The Influence Of Social Media On Millennial Voter Decisions: Evidence From The 2016 American Presidential Election

Marwah A. Halwani , Duha Alsmadi , Daniel Peak , Victor Prybutok

Pages: 4934-4960

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Financial Budget Planning & Optimization At Private Educational Institutes In India

Divya. S P , Praveen Kumar B H

Pages: 4961-4966

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“A Critical Insight into the Art and Science of Spirituality and Management in Bhagavad Gita”

Dr. Subhadra P.S , Dr. Vikrama D K

Pages: 4967-4974

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Used Car Price Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques

Mrs Shyamali Das , Mr Ananta Laha , Mr Alok Jena , Ms Priyadarshini Samal

Pages: 4975-4988

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Velocity Based Contour Algorithm For Lost Target Recovery In Wireless Sensor Network

Alpesh Sankaliya , Maulin Joshi

Pages: 4989-4996

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) And Brand Image Encourage Customer Retention; A Mediating Role Of Customer Engagement

Muhammad Adnan , Muhammad Yaseen , Ather Ummad Khan , Ehtisham Ahmad Khan

Pages: 4997-5012

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The Frame Work Of The Impact Of Global Advertising On Social Life Through The Mediation Of Smart Phones

Roshana Gul , Faiza Anwar , Mehwish Shahid

Pages: 5013-5041

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A Study On Librarians’ Experiences Related To Ict Applications In Minority Degree Colleges Of Karnataka

Dr. Amsaveni.N & Umesh Kumar.Y

Pages: 5042-5049

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Cog-SDN DBN Based Moderation Technique For DDOS Attacks In SDN

A Saritha , B. Ramasubba Reddy , A Suresh Babu

Pages: 5050-5060

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Mechanism To Improve Packet Delivery Ratio In RPL Networks (EDPS)

K.Subash , L. Arockiam

Pages: 5061-5077

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Parent Selection Mechanism To Reduce Delay In Routing (EPSD)

K.Subash , L. Arockiam

Pages: 5078-5092

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A Webological Insight Through The Ict Study Habit Among Trainee Teachers At St. Christopher’s College, Chennai

M.Thendral , Dr. F.Carter Premraj

Pages: 5093-5097

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Optimization Based Neural Network Classifiction Method For Software Defect Prediction

M. Subhashini , A.Misbahulhuda

Pages: 5098-5109

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Text Extraction For Natural Scene Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Rashi Gupta and Javed Wasim

Pages: 5110-5123

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Transition To A Market-Oriented Economy Of Vietnam Over 1986- 2011: The Equitization Process Of State-Owned Enterprises And Financial Market Development

Tan Nghiem LE , Hau Long LE

Pages: 5124-5144

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Optimal Cluster Selection Method Using Bat Algorithm

Supriya Gupta , Md. Amir Khusru Akhtar

Pages: 5145-5167

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Nurses’ Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Towards Patients With HIV/AIDS : An Educational Intervention Study In Andhra Pradesh

c. venikala , DR. N. Rajani , V. Sreedhar Vivek

Pages: 5168-5175

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Customers Intention For Usage Intensity And Continuation Of Mobile Banking App: An Empirical Study

Prof. Anuradha Jain , Dr. Harpreet Singh , Dr. D. D. Chaturvedi

Pages: 5176-5188

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