Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Isomorphism Property Of Adjacent Graphs For Some Finite Groups

C.J. Chris Lettecia Mary , R. Kamali

Pages: 295-300

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Architecture Of Security And Data Protection In Smart Cities

Dr. Md. Amir Khusru Akhtar , Mr. Amit Kumar Upadhyay

Pages: 301-308

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Performance Assessment Of Image Restoration Using Vhdl Design

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay , Dr. Abhishek Pandey , Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Pages: 309-317

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Security And Privacy Of Iot For Source Location For Future Enhancement

Ms. Naghma Khatoon , Mr. Abhishek Kumar Gupta

Pages: 318-325

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Optimization Of Low Power Digital Vlsi Using High Speed Sram

Ms. Karuna Kumari , Mr. Dheeresh Upadhyay , Shaheen Jahan

Pages: 326-333

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Performance And Architecture Of Cloud Computing For Energy Consumption And Task Scheduling

Dr. Ritushree Narayan , Mr. Love Kumar

Pages: 334-341

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Optimization Of Enhanced Link Quality For Ad-Hoc Networks

Dr. Sharmistha Roy , Mr. Devesh Kumar Upadhyay , Sharma Sonu Kumar

Pages: 342-349

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Cross-Layer Mobility For Performance Analysis In 5g

Dr. Vinay Singh , Bhawana Singh , Mohd Hamza Zaki

Pages: 350-357

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Speech Recognition Using Unbiased And Normalized Adaptation Noise Reduction (Unanr) Algorithm Using Adaptive Filtering And Naive Bayes Classifier

Kadam Sarika Shamrao , Dr. A. Muthukumaravel

Pages: 358-366

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Impact Of Internet Of Things And Artificial Intelligence On Teaching And Learning In A Cloud Environment

M. Syed Shahul Hameed , Mohamed Abbas , V.Saravanakumar , S. Balakrishnan

Pages: 367-375

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Development Of Advanced Deep Learning Model For Brain Tumour Classification From Mri Images

S.R. Sridhar , Dr.M.Akila , Dr.R.Asokan

Pages: 376-393

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Kinship Words Of The Assamese Language : Its Impact Of Globalization

Dr. Kanima Pathak , Dr. Deepak Kumar Gupta

Pages: 394-399

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A Hybrid Data Mining Approach To Predict Undergraduate Student Academic Performance Predictions

Rashmi V. Varade , Dr. Blessy Thankachan

Pages: 400-404

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Analysing The Success Of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana In Haryana

Manjeet , Dr. Nipun Aggarwal

Pages: 405-416

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A Study On Adoption Of Ott Platforms And Its Growth In The Post Covid Era

Dr. Mamta Rajani and Ms. Simran Rajani

Pages: 417-423

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A Study Of Investors’ Perception On The Preference Over Tax Savings Options

Aparna Puranik and Ashvin Dave

Pages: 424-435

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Children Online Privacy Law- (Lacks Rational Classification For Effective Use Of Internet By Children)

Ms. Sumedha Ganjoo , Dr. Garima Tiwari

Pages: 436-446

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Diasporic Identity And Female Subjectivity In Monica Ali’s Brick Lane

Anupama Devi

Pages: 447-453

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Women Empowerment: Comparative Study On Role Of Working & Non Working Women In Household Decisions

Dr. Manisha Sandip Shirsath , Mr. Aniket Songire

Pages: 454-467

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Recurrent Sub-Graph Drilling Of The Invisible Items

Dr. B. Senthil Kumaran

Pages: 468-478

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Simulation Of Solar Air Heater

Anil Kumar Das , P. Thirupathaiah

Pages: 479-496

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A Study On Emotional Intelligence And Its Impact On Performance Of Employees In A Petrochemical Industry (With Reference To Ind Czech Engineering Pvt Ltd)

Marirajan Murugan , Dr. M.N.Prabadevi

Pages: 497-508

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“Sentiments Of Social Media Users, Towards Web Education – A Data Mining Techniques.”

Dr. Baig Muntajeeb Ali

Pages: 527-537

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The Potential Impact Of Covid-19 Upon Counter Productive Work Behavior Of Academic Staff: Moderating Role Of Emotional Intelligence

Afroz Sial , Dr. Adnan Pitafi , Dr. Aniqa Arslan , Dr. Kamleshwer Lohana , Dr. Arabella Bhutto

Pages: 538-554

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Cultural Contexts Of Corruption With Specific Reference To Fear Of Stigma In Pakistani Administrative Fabric

Dr. Ayaz Khan , Abdus Samad Khan , Nauman Gul , Hakim Said , Dr. Manzoor Ahmad , Riaz Ahmad Khan

Pages: 555-563

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