Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Gift Giving As A Form Of Bribery In The Administrative Norms Of Pakistan

Dr. Ayaz Khan , Mr. Fazli Dayan , Zala Sareer , Mr. Hakim Said , Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Khan , Mr. Riaz Ahmad Khan , Sumayya Feroz

Pages: 564-572

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Religious Norms And Corruption In Civil Servants Of Pakistan

Dr. Ayaz Khan , Muhammad Qasim Junaidi , Mr. Fazli Dayan , Mr. Hakim Said , Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Khan , Mr. Riaz Ahmad Khan , Mr.Tajwar Ali

Pages: 573-582

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Market Orientation And The Sustainable Growth Of Firms: The Moderating Role Of Access To External Finance: A Study Of Manufacturing Smes In Kpk, Pakistan

Yasir Arafat , Dr. Muhammad Jehangir , Asfandyar Rahim , Sher Nawaz Khan , Shahid Ali

Pages: 583-606

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Moral Norms And Corruptiability Of Administrative Facet Of Pakistani Society

Dr. Ayaz Khan , Abdus Samad Khan , Nauman Gul , Hakim Said , Dr. Manzoor Ahmad , Riaz Ahmad Khan

Pages: 607-618

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Educational Entrepreneurship As A Leading Factor To Women Empowerment In Punjab, Pakistan

Sajid Hasan , Dr. Nargis Abbas Mirza

Pages: 619-634

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Relevancy Of Coparcenary In Hindu Law At Present Time

Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava

Pages: 635-642

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Impact Of Life Insurance Policy Attributes On Policy Holders Satisfaction


Pages: 643-650

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Elma+ : An Ensemble Learning Based Model For Accurate Prediction Of Software Defects


Pages: 651-667

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A Review: Diabetics Leading To Ckd

Dr. Mohammed Shoiab M.D , Dr. Bhaben Choudhury MS Ph.D , Dr. Saniya Hafiz , Dr. Shyam Shekar Choudhury

Pages: 668-681

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Investigating School Principals’ Impact On Teachers’ Morale At Secondary Level

Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali, Dr. Abdul Ghaffar , Dr. Amir Zaman , Musarrat Quraishi

Pages: 682-693

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Effects Of Gamified Classrooms On Students’ Cognition In Elementary Classrooms

Sadia Naz , Dr. Sheraz Khan , Dr. Amir Zaman , Dr. Abdul Ghafar , Dr. Nafees Bibi

Pages: 694-704

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Impact Of Charge Interaction, H-Bonding Elucidations By Structural And Biological Activity Of Diammonium Hydrogen Orthophosphate

G.Bagavathi Sankar , D.Usha

Pages: 705-722

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Gender-Wise Effect Of Organizational Climate Upon Job Performance Of Instructors Physical Education

Muhammad Safdar Luqman , Afshan Jabeen , Dr. Mohibullah Khan Marwat , Irfanullah , Mehhwish Manzoor , Sherin Bhati

Pages: 723-734

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Optimum Placement And Sizing Of Dgs Using Optimization Techniques And Distribution System Reconfiguration

Satyaveer Singh Rawat , Dr. Deptendu Pal , Dr. Sunil Semwal , Piyush Dhuliya , Priyanka Dhuliya , Dr. Tripuresh Joshi

Pages: 735-746

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article under process


Pages: 735-739

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Pages: 747-751

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Need Of Smart City Mission For Resolving Present Day Urban Problems

Dr. Sadhana Pandey & Chitranjan Parmar

Pages: 752-756

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Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction Towards Housing Loan Processing With Special Reference To Nbfcs In Bangalore


Pages: 757-767

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A Passive Image Forgery Detection Technique

Dr. Dayanand G. Savakar , Mr.Raju Hiremath

Pages: 768-778

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Covid-19, Economic Lockdown, Treatment Interruptions And The Fear Of Survival Among Hiv/Aids Patients In Malakand Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Dr. Sana Ullah , Dr. Sadia Saeed , Dr. Faisal Khan , Prof. Dr. Arab Naz

Pages: 780-789

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Improving Energy Consumption And Network Lifetime With Enhanced Clustering And Routing In Wireless Sensor Network

I. Adumbabu , K. Selvakumar

Pages: 789-800

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Energy Efficient Routing Technique And Qos Provisioning For Heterogeneous Wireless Micro-Sensor Networks

Jitendra Kumar , Vinay Rishiwal , Mohammad Izharul Hasan Ansari

Pages: 801-826

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A Study On Interconnection Between Teaching Philosophy & Student’s Performance In Summative Evaluation

Divya Jain , Shweta Singh , Dr. Manish Bhardwaj , Shivali Tyagi

Pages: 827-836

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Flood Conditioning Factors Identification And Evaluation Of The Baghain River Basin Using SWARA Technique

Swati Sharma and Vineet Sharma

Pages: 837-850

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Comparative Analysis Of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms For Prediction Of Orthopedic Disease

Dr.D.UmaDevi , Dr.D.N.D.Harini , Dr.Ch.Sita Kumari , Mohammed Afeeda

Pages: 851-860

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