Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

The Epistemic Aim Of Education

Ms. Shazia Inayat Ali , Dr. Noor Mohammad , Dr. Ajaz Shaheen , Nadia Parveen Thalho , Prof. Malik Firdous

Pages: 1610-1615

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Indian MCX Financial Market Volatility In Wave 1 & 2 Covid19 Pandemic

Ritu Kothiwal , Maharaju Ashwini , R.Ashok

Pages: 1616-1622

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An Evaluative Study Upon The Problems And Perspectives Of Custodial Violence In India

Mrs Janhavi Shekhar Mhatre , Dr. Geeta Shrivastava

Pages: 1623-1638

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Application Aware Workload Allocation To Optimize The Performance In Network On Chip Based Manycore Processor

D. Radha , Mushtaq Shaikh , Vamsi Silla , Minal Moharir

Pages: 1639-1656

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Provable, Reliable And Secure Data Aggregation Through Integrated Distributed Mechanism In Iot Based WSN Environment

Mr. Bharat Kumara , Dr. S Anantha padmanabhan

Pages: 1657-1676

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A Privacy Preserving Framework To Mine Horizontal And Vertical Partitioned Data

Kamlesh Ahuja , Dr. Navneet Sharma

Pages: 1677-1697

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Job Stress Among Women Police Forces In India

Dr. K.M.Ashifa

Pages: 1698-1703

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Multi-Objective Node Disjoint Routing Protocol Using Whale Optimization Algorithm

Dr.Ramalingam Sugumar , Jahir Hussain S

Pages: 1704-1714

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Advanced Ddos Detection & Mitigation Technique At Data Center Level!

Naveen Sharma , Dr. Keshav Dev Gupta

Pages: 1715-1723

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Performance Evaluation Of Wearable Antennas For Body Area Network Applications

Vilas S. Ubale , O. S. Lamba

Pages: 1724-1741

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Deep Learning Model For Predicting Context Information For Authentication

Amit Jaykumar Chinchawade , Onkar Singh Lamba

Pages: 1742-1750

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Investigating The Effectiveness Of Anagram Technique On Pakistani Students’ Vocabulary Mastery

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Bhatti , Dr. saima waheed , Saqib Javed

Pages: 1751-1770

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A Study On Impact Of Virtual Classes On Students’ Performance Due To COVID-19

Sonia Gouri , Shweta Singh , Himanshi Chaudhary , Dr. Manish Bhardwaj , Pranit Puri

Pages: 1771-1780

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Application Of Geotechnologies For Flood Risk Analysis In The Pumahuasi - Huamancoto Sector, Department Of Huánuco

Elizabeth Luz Segovia Aranibar , César Alejandro Chumpitasi León , Katherine Pamela Peralta Calderon , Carolina Lucia Vásquez Aliaga

Pages: 1781-1799

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Effective Heart Rate Estimation From PPG Signal By Fuzzy Wavelet Approach

Ameena Firdous Nikhat , Dr Shameem Akhter

Pages: 1800-1815

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An Ensemble Machine Learning Techniques With Dolphin Swarm Algorithm For COVID-19 Sentiment Analysis

Vathsala.M.K. , Sharmila Suttur C

Pages: 1816-1833

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Exploration Of Problems In Acquisition Of Second Language Proficiency In District Gujrat

Sehrish Mushtaq , Dr. Muhammad Tanveer Afzal , Nazia Shehzadi , Dr. Tooba Saleem

Pages: 1834-1844

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Brain Tumor Detection Using Multi-Task-Inductive Deep Transfer LearningOn MRI Images: An Analysis

Aashutosh kharb , Prachi Chaudhary

Pages: 1845-1856

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Classification Of Skin Disease Using LSTM With Feature Selection Method

Dr. V.Umadevi , S.Mohan

Pages: 1857-1871

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A Review on NIST, ISO 27001, HIPAA and MITRE ATT&CK Cybersecurity Frameworks

Gurinder Pal Singh , Vishal Bharti , Manish Kumar Hooda

Pages: 1872-1880

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Assessment Of Factors Affecting Service Quality In The Renewable Energy Industry. Evidence In Vietnam

Nguyen Duc Duong , Tran Tuan Anh

Pages: 1881-1892

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Factors Affecting The Application Of Accounting Standards Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Vietnam

Hoang Dinh Huong , Ngo Thi Kieu Trang , Nguyen Duc Duong

Pages: 1893-1900

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Measuring The Moderating Effect Of Job Requirement In 5A`S Model Of Vaccine Uptake Among Journalists In Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. Sana Shahid , Dr. Sardar Ahmed Nazish , Babar Hussain , Abdul Saboor

Pages: 1901-1913

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Pages: 1914-1923

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Investigating Knowledge Discovery Strategies Through Library Websites: An Evaluative Study Of The Selected Central University Of North East India

Tribeni Pathak , Ridip Lahkar , and Manoj Kumar Verma

Pages: 1924-1939

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