Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

“A Comparative Study On Quality Of Education In Public And Private Schools Of Amravati Division”

Dr. Moin M. Deshmukh , Betsy Thomas Varghese

Pages: 2247-2257

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Survey On Energy Efficient Mobile Video Streaming Based On Buffer Memory Allocation Algorithms

R.Abirami , Dr. A. Vinayagam

Pages: 2258-2272

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The Influence Of Fraud Hexagon Elements On Fraudulent Financial Reporting At The Banking Companies Listed On The Indonesian Stock Exchange Periode 2018-2020

Kartika Octaviani , Efrianci Sagala , Silviana

Pages: 2273-2282

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Minister’s Duty In The Absence Of The King In The Light Of Kālidāsa’s Writing

Dr. Lina Devi

Pages: 2283-2287

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Digital Exhibition Design And Practice

Hu Qingqing

Pages: 2288-2305

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Sociological Analysis Of Model Farm Services Centers (Mfscs) As An Influencing Factor In Agriculture Productivity In Pakistan

Muhammad Nisar , Aneesa Ibrar , Nayab Ali , Salman Ahmad , Muhammad Asad Jan , Imtiaz Ali

Pages: 2306-2322

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Design And Development Of Blockchain Influenced Eco System

Ahmed Mohammed Ali , Vijay Ghorpade

Pages: 2323-2345

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A Literature Review Of Electric Vehicle To Grid Technology

Dr. Gireesh Chandra Tripathi

Pages: 2346-2357

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An Analysis Of Execution Of Kisan Credit Card Scheme By Regional Rural Bank In Damoh District Of Madhya Pradesh


Pages: 2358-2369

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Social Issues In The Novels Of Naguib Mahfouz: A Discussion

Dr. Woazedul Hassan

Pages: 2370-2374

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Face Recognition Using SVM Based Machine Learning: A Review

Rahul Nandal , Dr. Anil Dudy

Pages: 2375-2384

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Energy Consumption And Battery Life Analysis Of Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Node Using Transmit Power

Rana S Mahajan , Dr. Komal Kanojia , Dr. Bharti Chourasia

Pages: 2385-2392

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Archaeological Tourism : Features, Infrastructure, And SWOT Analysis Case Study: Tassili N’ajjer Barn In Southern Algeria

Khouidat Salah , Chadli Chaouki

Pages: 2393-2418

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Folding Of The Braid Tree With Knot

H. Ahmed , Sh.Adel

Pages: 2419-2426

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Interface Between Tax Laws And IBC

Ms. Devashree Awasthy , Dr. Mahesh Koolwal

Pages: 2427-2435

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Jurisprudential Aspects Of Arbitration Law In India

Mr. Eeshan Atray , Dr. Mahesh Koolwal

Pages: 2436-2446

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Ms. Aditi Tyagi , Dr. Namita Jain

Pages: 2447-2453

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Study Of Energy Efficient Protocols In WSN Based On Genetic And LEACH

Urooj Sultana , Dr. Dinesh Sethi

Pages: 2454-2462

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Interpreting The Amended Citizenship Act 2019

Ms. Apeksha Sharma , Dr. Mahesh Koolwal

Pages: 2463-2468

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Structural And Compositional Characterization Of New Strain Of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus Under Heavy Metal-Induced Stress

Sonali Z. Patil and Geetha Unnikrishnan

Pages: 2469-2475

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A Contemporary Approach To Analyse The Impact Of Increased Screen Time On Individuals And Associated Issues

Deepti Sharma , Deepshikha Aggarwal and Archana B. Saxena

Pages: 2476-2486

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Arr And Fusion Based Virtual Machine Scheduling Techniques For Eucalyptus Cloud

Bharath Kumar Madakatte , Nagesh H R

Pages: 2487-2505

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The Portrayal Of Women In Bollywood Films


Pages: 2506-2510

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A Study On The Impact Of Frequency Of Search Engine Ads Viewership On Online Purchases During The COVID-19 Pandemic Period In Mumbai

Dr. Kanchan Fulmali , Ms. Shivani Naik Devrukhkar

Pages: 2511-2519

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Impact Of Teachers’ Behavior On Students’ Motivation Towards Learning At Secondary Level

Amir Zaffar , Tariq Mehmood Bhuttah , Muhammad Abdullah , Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Aasy , Muhammad Khalid Hassan , Muhammad Fahad Khalid

Pages: 2520-2531

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