Volume 19, No. 5, 2022

Disability And Quality Of Life-Related To Health In Adult People From Sincelejo, Colombia

María Margarita Aguas , Eustorgio Amed Salazar , Jhon Jairo Feria Díaz

Pages: 1-13

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Disability And Socio-Demographic Factors In Adults From Sincelejo, Sucre

María Margarita Aguas , Martha Hernández Blanco , Eustorgio Amed Salazar

Pages: 14-28

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Perceptual Parameters And Vocal Self-Perception Of A Teachers Group Due To The Permanent Use Of Masks In The Covid-19 Pandemic

Katia Lucia Zambrano Ruiz , Marinella Álvarez Borrero and Eustorgio Amed Salazar

Pages: 29-42

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Phonological Awareness And Early Reading In Children With And Without The Phonological Disorder

Katia Lucia Zambrano Ruiz , Marinella Álvarez Borrero and Jhon J. Feria Díaz

Pages: 43-55

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Relationship Between The Phonological Simplification Processes And Initial Reading In Children Of 4 And 5 Years Of Educational Institutions From Sincelejo, Sucre

Eliana Coneo Saavedra , Kyara Medina Mármol and Eustorgio Amed Salazar

Pages: 56-69

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Solidarity Organizations: Mediation Instruments And Business Development For The Construction Of Peace In The Montes De María

Santander De La Ossa Guerra , Jorge Buelvas Soto , Kebin González Martinez

Pages: 70-86

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Reliability Assessment In Microgrids: Comparison Of Modeling Methods

Jose L. Lopez Prado , Alejandro S. Guerrero Hernández and Javier E. Sierra

Pages: 87-99

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Behavior Of Stabilized Soil With Cellulose Ash And Hydrated Lime

Jair Arrieta , Ronaldo Luis dos Santos Izzo and Carlos Millan

Pages: 100-113

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Amazonian Lateritic Sandy Soils From Northern Amapá (Brazil) For Use In Paving

Eclesielter Moreira , Jair Arrieta and Carlos Millan

Pages: 114-120

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Efficiency Of Mycorrhiza-Forming Fungi Associated With Panicum Maximum Cv. Mombasa

Alexander Pérez -Cordero , Pavel Peroza-Piñere and Donicer E Montes –Vergara

Pages: 121-132

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Endophytic Bacteria Isolated From Bothriochloa Pertusa As An Ecological Alternative For Soil Cadmium Remediation

Alexander Pérez-Cordero ; Donicer E Montes-Vergara and Diego Carrillo-González

Pages: 133-147

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Tolerances Of Rhizospheric And Endophytic Bacteria Isolated From Paspalum Notatum In Mercury-Contaminated Environments

Alexander Pérez-Cordero , Donicer E Montes-Vergara and Diego Carrillo-González

Pages: 148-167

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University Social Responsibility And Sustainable Development

César Augusto Hernández Suárez , Raúl Prada Núñez , Mery Faviola Escobar

Pages: 168-178

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Financial Processes Of Maritime Transport In Colombia Processus Financiers Du Transport Maritime En Colombie

José Alfonso Mendoza Gallego , Vivi Alejandra Claros Sánchez , Kelly Johanna Villanueva Cuellar

Pages: 179-189

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Ethnicity Classification From Face Images, Literature Review

Zahraa Shahad Marzoog , Dr. Manal Hussein Nawir , Dr. Manal Hussein Nawir , Fatima Al Zegair

Pages: 190-195

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Evaluation Of The In Vitro Antagonistic Potential Of Rice Plant-Associated Endophytic Bacteria Against Burkholderia Glumae

Alexander Pérez Cordero , Donicer E Montes-Vergara and Javier E Sierra

Pages: 196-208

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The Use Of Whatsapp As A Online Medium In Providing Higher Education Institutions With A Lifeline: During Covid-19

Dr. Mike Megrove Reddy

Pages: 209-219

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Mixed Integer Linear Programming Of Power Systems With Free Software

Alejandro S. Guerrero Hernandez , Javier E. Sierra and Jose L. Lopez Prado

Pages: 220-227

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In-Vitro Evaluation Of Siderophore Production By Bacteria In The Presence Of Heavy Metal

Alexander Perez-Cordero , Donicer Montes –Vergara and Yelitza Aguas –Mendoza

Pages: 228-237

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Burkholderia Cepacia Kj935921 A Biological Alternative To Mitigate The Effect Of Cadmium In Tropical Pasture Soils

Alexander Pérez Cordero , Donicer E Montes-Vergara and Yelitza Aguas Mendoza

Pages: 238-252

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Tele-Task As A Leisure-Technological Strategy For Strengthening Communicative Skills

Katherine S. Benítez Díaz , Betty C. Valderrama Urzola , Jhon J. Feria Díaz

Pages: 253-266

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Phonological Simplification Processes In Preschoolers Of 4 And 5 Years From Sincelejo, Colombia

Eliana Coneo Saavedra , Eustorgio Amed Salazar , Jhon Jairo Feria Díaz

Pages: 267-277

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Analyzing The Level Of Satisfaction The Tourist Attained From Ecotourism In India

Shreyashi Kundu , Dr. Niraj Kumar , Dr. Manik Arora , Saurabh Singh , Z.Sunitha Bai , Dr. R.Sethumadhavan

Pages: 278-286

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A Pyarabic Python Library To Create Arabic Applications

kawakib Mahmood Hussien , Nadia Mahmood Hussien , Yasmin Makki Mohialden

Pages: 287-291

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Geopolymers Based On Recycled Ground Glass And Cement For Sedimentary Soil Stabilization

Jair Arrieta , Carlos Millan and Fernando Jove

Pages: 292-300

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