Volume 19, No. 5, 2022

Siderophore Production By Bacillus Cereus Strain BN5 In Different Cadmium Concentrations

Alexander Perez-Cordero , Donicer Montes –Vergara and Yelitza Aguas –Mendoza

Pages: 313-326

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Design Of A Monitoring System For Multimodal Transport Using The Internet Of Things (Iot)

Javier E. Sierra , Alejandro S. Guerrero Hernández and José L. López Prado

Pages: 327-335

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Survival Models By Non-Parametric And Semi-Parametric Methods For Patients Infected With Coronavirus In Al-Kindi Teaching Hospital

Gheed Rafid Amer , Assistant Prof. Ali Yassin Ghani Al-Badrawi

Pages: 336-343

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The Sociology Of Crime In The Digital Society: Adapting Technological Tools

Toumi Belkacem : Kheiri Nouh : Seifoune feriel : Toual Abdeleaziz

Pages: 344-351

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Influence Of Covert Aggression On Academic Achievement Of Undergraduate Students


Pages: 352-359

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Real-Time Monitoring Of An Electrical Prototype Using A Microcontroller For A Photovoltaic Microgrid

Javier E. Sierra , Alejandro S. Guerrero Hernández and José L. López Prado

Pages: 360-367

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Pages: 368-379

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Redefining Teaching Modalities In The Wake Of The Covid-19 Crisis

César Augusto Hernández Suárez , Carlos Antonio Pabon Galan , Luisa Stella Paz Montes

Pages: 380-397

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Attitude Towards Commitment And Competencies In Human Resources Management : Hotel Sector In Cúcuta Colombia

Julio Alfonso González-Mendoza , Jorge Sánchez-Molina , Henry Orlando Luna-Pereira

Pages: 398-411

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Affectation Of The Closing Of The Colombian-Venezuelan Border On Business Activity

José Orlando García Mendoza , Cesar Augusto Hernández Suárez , William Rodrigo Avendaño Castro

Pages: 412-424

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Pseudomona Aeruginosa Isolated From Colosuana Grass (Bothriochloa Pertusa) With Nitrogen Fixing And Phosphate Solubilizing Activity

Alexander Pérez -Cordero , Pavel Peroza-Piñere and Donicer E Montes –Vergara

Pages: 425-438

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Evaluation Of Attitude Of Healthcare Professionals Towards Care Of The Aged Attending University Teaching Hospitals: Empirical Evidence In Nigeria

Fedinand Uzochukwu Agu , Felix Obioma Oguamah , Blessing O. Asogwa , Agatha N. Obayi , Mabel CPO Okojie & Prince Onyemaechi Nweke

Pages: 439-450

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Control Of Anthracnose In Yam Crop Through The Antifungal Activity Of Burkholderia Cepacia

Alexander Perez-Cordero , Donicer Montes –Vergara and Yelitza Aguas –Mendoza

Pages: 451-462

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Relationship Between The Academic Programs Of Universidad De Sucre, The Competencies In Mathematics, And The Performance Of The Students

Liliana Vitola Garrido , Plutarco Martínez Bustos , Jhon J. Feria Díaz

Pages: 463-474

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Personnel Management And Attitude Towards Organisational Commitment In Companies In The Hotel Sector

Miller Riaño Solano , Pastor Ramírez Leal , César Augusto Hernández Suárez

Pages: 475-486

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Renewable Energy Sources In Latin America For The Period 2009 To 2020

William Rodrigo Avendaño Castro , Gerson Rueda Vera , Yair Rolando Casadiego Duque

Pages: 487-494

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Inequality Gaps In Higher Education During The Covid-19 Pandemic

César Augusto Hernández Suárez , Luisa Stella Paz Montes , Carlos Antonio Pabón Galán

Pages: 495-512

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Investment And Economic Sustainability In Households: An Analysis Of Commune 4 Of The Municipality Of San José De Cúcuta As A Component Of Economic Development

Yair Rolando Casadiego Duque , Gerson Rueda Vera , William Rodrigo Avendaño Castro

Pages: 513-526

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Analysis Of The Influence Of The Gender Of The Students, The Socioeconomic Level And The Educational Level Of The Parents, In The Access To Higher Education Of The Population Of Coveñas, Sucre

Laura Alejandra Campo Zubiría , José Hernández Ávila , Fernando Jove Wilches

Pages: 527-540

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Study Of The Physical, Chemical And Biological Properties Of Soils With Vertical Characteristics By Effects Of Burning Temperature In The Municipality Of Sincelejo, Department Of Sucre-Colombia

Leonardo Toscano Amaya , Jaime Mercado Ordóñez , Fernando Jove Wilches

Pages: 541-551

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Innovation And Sustainability In Pedagogy Of Engineering In Times Of Pandemic

Haidee Y. Jaramillo , July A. Gómez-Camperos , Sir-Alexci Suárez Castrillón

Pages: 552-560

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Fair Operating Practices: An Essential Component Of Corporate Behavior

Marta Milena Peñaranda Peñaranda , Magda Mildreth Rodríguez Castilla , Sir-Alexci Suarez Castrillon

Pages: 561-569

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Contexts And Strategies For The Implementation Of Learning Outcomes In The Industrial Automation Specialization Program At Ufps Ocaña

Msc. July Andrea Gómez Camperos , MSc. Haidee Yulady Jaramillo , Phd. Sir Alexci Suárez Castrillón

Pages: 570-580

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Comparative Study Between A Neural Network Controller And A Classic Pi Applied To An Experimental Hydraulic System

Jhon Jairo Ramirez Mateus , Francisco Ernesto Moreno Garcia , July Andrea Gomez Camperos

Pages: 581-592

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The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In The Criminal Justice System (A Comparative Study)

Ali Kabol Faghiri

Pages: 593-613

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