Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Gastronomic Symbolism In Ulysses

Mariah Ben Abraham


In the following paper, I will explore instances where food and eating make up a major literary technique employed for the portrayal of life in Dublin in James Joyce's Magnum opus, Ulysses, particularly in chapter eight, Lestrygonians. In this context, I will discuss the three important factors that shaped Irish society — religion, imperialism and economy. The paper presents Joyce’s take on these three aspects that influenced the fate of every Irish during the nation's revolutionary phase. This has been done in association with food symbolism that abounds the work. Through this paper, I have attempted to bring out the mastery of Joyce, the writer. It has also been my intention to spotlight the patriot in him — to convey, besides the literary worth of the work, that all of those images are primarily aimed at creating a cultural identity for the Irish — the Joycean way of expressing patriotism.

Pages: 225-231

Keywords: Ulysses; food symbolism; Joycean nationalism; Irishness

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