Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Gender-Wise Effect Of Organizational Climate Upon Job Performance Of Instructors Physical Education

Muhammad Safdar Luqman , Afshan Jabeen , Dr. Mohibullah Khan Marwat , Irfanullah , Mehhwish Manzoor , Sherin Bhati


The current research aimed to investigate the Gender-wise effect of organizational climate upon the job performance of Instructors Physical Education (IPEs) in school education department KPK, Pakistan. Research hypotheses were generated to achieve the objectives. There were 294 IPEs working in schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. By using simple random sampling technique, total 171 IPEs(108 male and 63 female) were selected. An adapted questionnaire was used for data collection. For data analysis, the researchers used Linear regression and Independent Sample t-test. The study results indicated that the organizational climate is significantly correlated and positive impact upon job performance of both genders. Furthermore, the study concluded that female IPEs performed well as compared to male IPEs. The study recommended that organizations may focus to create a supportive and healthy climate to gain the loyalty and belongingness of the employees. For this purpose, the School Principals may create an environment of cooperation, teamwork, proper supervision, and respect in order to strengthen the job satisfaction of IPEs. Along this, they should concentrate on the reward system, motivation, effective supervision of IPEs, and involve them in the decision making process to improve their performance at institute.

Pages: 723-734

Keywords: Organizational Climate, Job Performance, Instructors Physical Education, School education department, KP.

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