Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Improving Energy Consumption And Network Lifetime With Enhanced Clustering And Routing In Wireless Sensor Network

I. Adumbabu , K. Selvakumar


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are being established as a critical tool for monitoring a variety of real-time applications, including ecological monitoring, wide-area surveillance, health care, etc. Despite the numerous benefits of WSNs, the current difficulty is to effectively regulate energy consumption and network lifetime. Clustering-based energy efficient routing methods have developed in wireless sensor networks, dividing neighboring nodes into different clusters and local cluster heads is selected to aggregate and broadcast data from each cluster to the base station. The consumption of energy is maintained by network node and the clustering approach is more efficient to progress the lifetime of network. In this paper, Heterogeneous Network based Clustering (HNBC) is proposed which is a a heterogeneous network-based cluster routing algorithm, mainly focus on solving the problems in lifetime of network and energy consumption and improves the performance of WSN. HNBC protocol is probabilitybased model which utilized the energy in node and selection probability of cluster head of various heterogeneous nodes for selecting the cluster head. The result show that the proposed method enhances the consumption of energy and the network lifetime.

Pages: 789-800

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks have acquired a new dimension as a consequence of technological advancements in technology and an increase in mandate for smart gadgets.

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