Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Study On Interconnection Between Teaching Philosophy & Student’s Performance In Summative Evaluation

Divya Jain , Shweta Singh , Dr. Manish Bhardwaj , Shivali Tyagi


This study is concerned with the effectiveness of the philosophy of teachers and the performance of student’s in their final examinations. Various existing studies shows some aspects to improve the present educational philosophy, but are unable to collect them all. It investigates the factors which are responsible for affecting the classroom learning environment and analyze the most impacting factor. A total of 410 students of various private institutions were surveyed using a self-made questionnaire. The questionnaire was composed of 50 items related to the teacher’s philosophy and students’ learning from classroom activities. The result showed that rapport building with the students increases the excitement level and motivates them to participate actively in the classroom activities. Thereby, maximizing their engagement in utilitarian activities hence increasing the learning outcome. Along with the rapport, content clarity is also inescapable. Online teaching and strictness of teacher are the least impacting factors. This research proposes the factors whose increased intensity certainly increases the outcome of students’ performance. The survey results will help various private institutions to conduct practices that will enhance the teaching effectiveness.

Pages: 827-836

Keywords: Educational Philosophy; Teacher Effectiveness; Summative Evaluation; Student’s Performance; Educational Environment

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