Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

“A Comparative Study On Quality Of Education In Public And Private Schools Of Amravati Division”

Dr. Moin M. Deshmukh , Betsy Thomas Varghese


With particular reference to the districts of Khanewal and Vehari in Punjab, Pakistan, the primary goal of this research paper was to conduct a comparative study of the quality of education in public and private secondary schools in the province. A convenient sampling method was used to collect primary data from 300 teachers from ten private and ten public schools, who were randomly selected. Another group of 20 head teachers/principals was chosen in the same way as the previous group. Through a series of tests administered to two groups of students, we were able to determine the educational level of teachers, their teaching methods, and the overall quality of the curriculum taught in public and private schools. When comparing the public and private sectors, we have discovered that the public schools have qualified staff, spacious buildings and basic facilities, and experienced permanent faculty, whereas the private sector does not.

Pages: 2247-2257

Keywords: Quality of education, private and public schools, curriculum, teaching methods, training of teachers.

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