Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Sociological Analysis Of Model Farm Services Centers (Mfscs) As An Influencing Factor In Agriculture Productivity In Pakistan

Muhammad Nisar , Aneesa Ibrar , Nayab Ali , Salman Ahmad , Muhammad Asad Jan , Imtiaz Ali


The current study was conducted to know about the role of Model Farm Services Centers (MFSCs) in agricultural production, the formal institutions devised by the government for the uplifting of agriculture in Pakistan. The study was conducted in two districts (Charsadda and Mardan) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. A sample of 384 respondents was selected through a multistage random sampling technique which was proportionally allocated to the 12 Union Councils of the selected districts. Data was collected through interview schedule and analyzed into bivariate and multivariate results with the help of SPSS (20 version).The findings of the study indicated that agricultural productivity increase for those farmers to whom MFSCs provided training to the farmers. Similarly, the production was increased in case of agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers, etc. were provided to the farmers, problems related to agriculture solved by the MFSC employees, or frequent meetings were arranged for facilitation with the farmers. However, it was also found during the study that such opportunities were provided to the rich farmers while poor and small farmers were ignored due to which their agricultural productivity was decreased. It is recommended that if MFSCs are strengthened technically and financially, they can provide training and agricultural inputs to the farmers which can further increase their production.

Pages: 2306-2322

Keywords: Model Farm Services Center, Farmers, Agriculture, Production, Inputs

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