Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Face Recognition Using SVM Based Machine Learning: A Review

Rahul Nandal , Dr. Anil Dudy


The recent scenario of face recognition has recently received the most attention and established itself as the most reliable option for identification due to the availability of realistic technology after extensive research in this area and holes in other techniques of identification. The system is still in the process of being improved to make it more user-friendly and accurate in order to secure the assets and privacy. As the authentication of people by face provide access to both virtual and physical domains by analysing their behavioural and physiological traits and features, as compare to traditional systems of recognition which are ambiguous. As compare to face recognition system, remembering PINs and passwords is notoriously tough in authentication system. The face recognition with various techniques is challenging task for researcher. This technology was being used to preserve private information and identify users promptly. This paper suggested in a variety of methods. As this study found that still face recognition is quite difficult due to complexity of the face attributes and face complexity with variety of elements. A variety of elements, such as partial facial occlusion, illumination, and postural variation are the main hurdles to recognise with the capturing machine. This paper explores basis of face recognition using ML algorithms as the recent development of machine learning is very great enhancement in variety of technology.

Pages: 2375-2384

Keywords: Face Recognition, Machine Learning, SVM

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